Split off from Honeycomb!

Posted by Makyo on 19 Nov 2016 in /projects/submitify

Submitify was split off from the call-for-submissions portion of Honeycomb. Although it might not be needed much within any other Django project as a pluggable application (though you may never know!), it would be useful as a standalone application, and I figured out how to do both in the same project through clever use of Keep an eye on the instances portion of it, and I’ll track both application plugs and standalone projects.

I don’t know why I was surprised, but will let you specifically exclude packages through the prune directive. That means that you can have, e.g: a submitify django app, which is plugable and may be distributed through PyPI, as well as a submitify_standalone app which will run the site, hold the settings, etc. The end result is a file that looks like this:

include LICENSE
include README.rst

# Include all of submitify
recursive-include submitify/templates *
recursive-include submitify/views *

# Don't include any of the standalone stuff
prune submitify_standalone
prune usermgmt_standalone