OpenFurry is a community resource for open-source furry and furry-adjacent software and devs. The project offers hosting and development tools for anyone interested in working on open source software within, for, or tangential to the furry community. Not all works may be totally furry, nor deployed to furry-specific means, but, as creativity is at the heart of the subculture, so to is it with OpenFurry!

Recent updates

New instance Posted by Makyo on 23 Nov 2016 in /projects/submitify

Since I started poking at editing an anthology, and since Honeycomb isn’t live yet, I got an instance of Submitify up and running at https://submit.drab-makyo.com for accepting submissions for the anthology. Figure this’ll give a good test-run! Now to finish porting tests over to bump that coverage number up c.c

Applications split off Posted by Makyo on 21 Nov 2016 in /projects/honeycomb

Ad and call for submissions functionality were split off to Addle and Submitify respectively! They might be reused elsewhere, so it seemed like a good move.

Split off from Honeycomb! Posted by Makyo on 21 Nov 2016 in /projects/addle

Ad functionality was split from Honeycomb, since other projects might want to use that! Also, I figure at that point, it’s fairly easy to turn into an API that can be used when Addle is run as a standalone project.

Split off from Honeycomb! Posted by Makyo on 19 Nov 2016 in /projects/submitify

Submitify was split off from the call-for-submissions portion of Honeycomb. Although it might not be needed much within any other Django project as a pluggable application (though you may never know!), it would be useful as a standalone application, and I figured out how to do both in the same project through clever use of MANIFEST.in. Keep an eye on the instances portion of it, and I’ll track both application plugs and standalone projects.